The best blind for coyote hunting, A Ghost Blind Review

Ghost Blind in Grass

There are certainly no shortage of hunting blinds available on the market today. All have there ups and downs, but most are almost the same. Sure some are lighter, some are heavier, some are hub designed, some have a tent design, but basically all of the coyote hunting ground blinds are the same. There either a tent type blind made up of green camouflage that you sit in, or a series of camouflage panels that you sit behind. Other then minor modifications that make some models a little easier to setup or take down (admittedly important when coyote hunting), there all almost the same thing. That is until the ghost blind was released.

Ghost blind in wooded area with few leaves or foliage.

What is the Ghost Blind?

The ghost blind is a revolutionary ground blind. There really just isn’t anything else like it on the market. The ghost blind utilizes adaptive technology. It changes its pattern to match the surrounding area no matter where you go. How does a ground blind do that you ask? A simple solution: Mirrors. The Ghost blind is made up of a series of mirrored panels that have a slight angle towards the ground. This means that they constantly reflect an image of what is about the 4-8 feet in front of the blind. It doesn’t get much effective then that! No other camouflage can exactly reproduce the actual shapes and conditions better then mother nature herself. The best part is, it replicates whatever is in front of it. No need to have separate blinds for different seasons or surroundings. No more need to brush into the surroundings, just quickly fold out the blind and secure a couple of stakes to keep it steady.  This makes it a great hunting blind for hunting coyotes for a few reasons.  1. Its great camouflage.  I mean how much better can it get than the actually surroundings.  2. Its easy to move.  Its lightweight, and packed easily.  A great option when your moving your blind every few hours.

What did I think of the ghost blind?

I love mine. Theres some of the obvious reasons that come with a system like this, its good camp, its a solid ground blind, easy to carry, etc. But like anything, its all in the details. There were some minor hiccups as well as some fantastic details.

The only real downside I have with the predator blind is that if the wind is really really blowing, then it can be difficult to work with. The stakes and straps hold it down, but it can wobble and look a little funny. In light to medium winds, it doesn’t matter, the branches and grass that its reflecting are moving anyway and it just blends in. In really heavy winds you can notice. That said, I don’t actually think the prey can tell anyway, but coyotes are smart creatures so why take your chances. Its really something of a mute point though, as when the wind is blowing that hard, who is out hunting anyway? Its also not like it wouldn’t be a problem with any other ground blind. On a scale of 1 to 100 in how important this problem is, I give it about a 3/100. Not a big deal at all.

The upsides however far outweigh the minor downsides. Again, the details. This may sound silly, but one of the things I love the most about this ground blind is not having to brush in. Its one of those things that isn’t hard, isn’t complicated, isn’t particularly time consuming, but I just hate doing it. I get to my hunting spot and want to throw out my blind and hunt. I don’t want to spend 10 minutes wandering around, grabbing brush to brush in, leaving scent everywhere, messing with the surroundings, etc. This may not be as important to some people but its like a 95/100 to me. The other thing I love about the ghost blind is that is super easy to take down. Again, its one of those little things that may not be a big deal to most, but I hate taking down blinds and trying to jam them into the little bags that never seem to be quit big enough. Not just blinds, I hate it with tents, etc too. The ground blind folds together and packs up so much faster and easier then pretty much any other hunting blind that I wish everything else worked like that.


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The ghost blind has been reviewed by many professionals, see what they have to say:

“I’ve hunted from the ground for many years. Using my GhostBlinds have greatly simplified my hunts, whether I’m rattling up those big South Texas bucks or hunting the hills of Kentucky. The blinds are lightweight, quick to set up and highly effective in all kinds of country.” Larry Weishuhn, “Mr. Whitetail” – Wildlife Biologist, Outdoor Writer and Television Show Host.

Ghost Blind in wooded area

“The GhostBlind has already proved itself as a multi-purpose hunting tool. Our blind worked great on early season teal and I expect it to do double duty during the general duck season this fall. Ducks change feeding locations, often on a day-to-day basis. With our GhostBlinds, we can quickly move from permanent blinds and set up where the action is. When guiding waterfowl hunts, it’s important to keep our clients in the birds. GhostBlinds helps us do just that.” Cory Vinson – Texas Waterfowl Guide with Guaranteed Guide Service.

“I’ve hunted from ground blinds for many years but never hunted from anything that comes close to my GhostBlind. When filming my TV show, Bowhunting North America, it’s important to have the ability to change hunting locations quickly and quietly. I can move my GhostBlind into an area, set it up without disturbing game, and be hunting quickly. I’ve had deer walk with mere feet of the blind without knowing I was behind it. GhostBlind has revolutionized the way we hunt and film.” James Ferguson – Host of Bow Hunting North America.

“I don’t have any trophy bucks that I can attribute to the GhostBlind, YET. You can bet , however, that I will be taking advantage of the GhostBlind’s scary invisibility in the woods and on the open plains. I am always looking for tools that will give me an advantage over game in their environment. What better than showing them a reflection of that. This blind will travel easily and be a great option in many setups, allowing me to hunt the wind and be invisible.” Eric Price- Co Creator of The Burt Coyote Co.-

Ghost Blind in Corn Stalks

“I’m not sure what I like better about the GhostBlind…the fact it absolutely disappears in the woods or the look on people’s faces when I show it to them in hunting camp! The reactions seems to be unanimous – UNBELIEVABLE! If I’d had this years ago I’d have a lot more critters on my wall right now! I’m looking forward to making up for lost time and hunting with mine for years to come!” Kevin Knighton – Host of Backwoods Life TV

“While on story assignments, I’m often hunting ‘new’ country. When bowhunting, moving as little as 50 yards often means the difference between making a successful shot or being out of bow range. With my GhostBlind I can hunt where the game is moving and, if I need to move, I can change locations and be ready to hunt in less than a minute. No ‘brushing in’ is necessary with GhostBlind.” Luke Clayton – Veteran Outdoor Writer and Outdoor Radio Show Host.

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