Ameristep Intimidator 2 Hunting Blind Review

I have to say that of all of the hunting blinds I have used for either predator hunting or as deer hunting blinds, the Ameristep Intimidator 2 hunting blind has to be one of the best and most feature rich blinds I have ever used. It measures 67″ tall and 74″ square which makes it a pretty roomy blind for two people. First of all, the ground blind itself utilizes Ameristeps spider hub technology. Which is mostly a fancy way of saying it is a hub style ground blind. It is super quick to setup and super quick to take down the hunting blind. This is a major plus when looking for a predator hunting blind as your often moving your hunting blind often trying to find the coyotes. I have heard some folks have had difficulty setting this blind up, one gentleman even claimed he didn’t like the ground blind because it required two people to setup. This isn’t the case. The hunting blind is super easy to setup solo, I just recommend trying it once or twice before taking it out to the field to get the hang of it.

The ground blind features the usual camp patterns, door, various windows, etc just like any other hunting blind. Its the extra features in this particular blind that make the difference. First of all, the material of the inside of the hunting blind is black (a common feature to reduce reflections, shadows, etc), but it also utilizes carbon in its lining in order to help reduce the level of scent that escapes the blind. The outside of the ground blind fabric uses a material that has a dull finish to prevent reflections and visible sheen. The window curtain is a material that covers the windows. While this isn’t an unusual feature in a ground blind, most of them use either velcro or nothing to secure them. The Ameristep Intimdator 2 hunting blind actually uses magnets which is both really quiet and really handy. Most of the time a ground blind will not have a floor, or if they do have a floor, its not removable. The Intimidator 2 hunting blind has a removable floor.

These details are some of the big and more obvious features for this hunting blind. But while these details are important, what really sets a good predator hunting blind, or just a quality hunting blind in general, apart from the rest, is the minor details. Take for example the fact that the Ameristep Intimidator 2 hunting blind has pop up orange markers. While this is probably something that is more likely to be used when using the blind as a deer hunting blind (you put them up when you leave so you can find your ground blind in the morning before sunrise), it goes to show the level of thought put into the design of the ground blind. The blind had 3 fully sealable camera ports which make it handy if you like to go out and take wildlife pictures, at least if you have time outside of predator hunting that is. It has a bow holder (more of a deer hunting blind feature) as well as a built in shelf and various pockets. The built in shelf is one of those details that is always missing from a ground blind. There is always a need for a shelf in your hunting blind. If nothing else, you place our box of shells/rounds on it. Usually though we have a variety of calls and other materials in our hunting blind that really needs a home that is easy to find and your not crawling around on the floor looking for.

Hunting Blind Features:

Super Fast Setup, Super Fast Take Down, Quiet, Quality, Built in Shelf, Bow Holder, Orange Markers
Ground Blind Rating: 10/10

Hunting Blind Ease of Use

Super Easy Setup and Take Down, No frustrating details, Need to practice once or twice before taking to the field.
Ground Blind Rating: 9/10

Hunting Blind Quality:

Solid Construction, Good Materials, Zippers seam a bit weak
Ground Blind Rating: 8/10

Hunting Blind Value

Great value for a quality hub style ground blind that has all of the features this one does
Ground Blind Rating: 10/10


Where can you purchase the Ameristep Intimidator 2 Hunting Blind?