FoxPro Wildfire Electronic Predator Call Review

The foxpro Wildfire Electronic Caller is one of the latest in FoxPro’s line of electronic predator calls. For the most part it runs the middle of the pack as far as electronic predator calls go. There are some models out there that run in the $600+ range, some that are in the cheap

One of the first impressions you will get out of this electronic predator call right out of the box is that it simple, rugged, and surprisingly light. Even with battery the FoxPro Wildfire comes in at only 1.5lbs. Certainly light enough to carry the predator call in and out of your hunting stands. I am very much a fan of the TX-9 handheld remote that they use with a couple of there predator calls. It features an LED screen that allows you to pick the call you want to plan and has a light red back-light that is easy to read at night and doesn’t ruin your night vision. The audio level of the FoxPro Wildfire is pleasantly appropriate and plenty loud enough to call in coyotes from all over the place. It doesn’t have the dual speaker/dual call that some of the more expensive electronic predator calls have, but that’s to be expected for the modest price of the predator call. One feature that I found was especially useful on the FoxPro Wildfire is that it comes with FoxPro’s “FoxBang” feature built in. FoxBang is a microphone that listens for the sound of your gun shot. As soon as you pull the trigger it registers the shot and starts playing the first call in your playlist. This is especially handy if your between calls because it helps to mask the sound of the gun shot to further confuse and hopefully continue to attract more coyotes. Its not a feature I have ever seen in any other brand of electronic predator call. It does take some fine tuning to get right though. If the sound is set to sensitive you can accidentally set off the foxbang feature and if it isn’t set sensitive enough it may fail to activate when you fire your gun. Each hunter has a difference preference for gun and ammunition for coyote hunting so there is no perfect setting, you will have to test and adjust until you find your sweet spot.

FoxPro Wildfire Overal Review: 8.5/10

Where can you find the FoxPro Wildfire Electronic Predator Call?
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